Our beautiful satin colors

Our PVC colors

Our real Leather colors
our real leather is made from cow, goat and lamb hides

Our fake Leather colors (for clothing)
made from synthetics

leatherette - shiny on both sides, and is ideal for catsuits.

faux leather - a more matt finish than leatherette, and not shiny on the inside. this is the most thick of our 3 fake leathers. good for skirts

shiny leatherlook - the most thin of our 3 fake leathers. a polyester lining on the inside and medium-shiny on the outside. good for mini skirts.

Our fake Leather colors (for shoes)
made from synthetics

Our shoe horsehair colors
real high-quality horsehair prints

Our Gingham Colors
our gingham fabric is made from soft cotton

Our Tartan Colors
our Scottish tartan fabric is made from soft cotton

SlipperyPlastic colors
Made from TPU plastic

Spandex colors
Made from polyester-nylon fabric

Our Shiny Patent Colors for shoes
Made from shiny soft polyurethane-coated fabric

Our Sparkling Colors for shoes
Made from amazing high-quality sparkle-coated fabric

Please note fabric colours can sometimes be a little different in in shade (lighter or darker) depending on the fabrics available at the time.

We always use the closest possible current shade of colour and quality available to give you the best possible garment.