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Wrist and Ankle Cuffs with Chain

Made in shiny PVC (or optional real leather) that has an undercoat of leather, which makes the wrist and ankle cuffs supple and comfortable to wear.

The 2" wrist and ankle cuffs has slits in the length of the collar which slips onto lockable buckles and then a padlock added for extra security (padlocks not included)

With a choice of lockable buckles (padlocks not included) or slit-straps over a D-ring, this bondage set can be quickly and easily locked onto your sub.

The four inch chain connecting the cuffs have large jingle bells attached so you are always aware of subbies movements and also restricts their movements.

Size Female Small is recommended for normal people with normal necks 14 inches to 18 inches (great for both men and women), whilst Unisex L is for much larger necks (up to 20 inches).

Sold as 2 wrist cuffs and 2 ankle cuffs.

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