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Prissy Sissy Emanuelle Dress

Made from the most beautiful materials, our Prissy sissy Emanuelle dress is simply wonderful!

She is made from shiny soft satin, with an overlay of beautiful glass silk.

A stunning cut neck line, that is trimmed in dainty patterned lace.

Glass-silk see through puff ball sleeves, with a satin lace running through the the mid hem, and ties into a cute bow.

She is cut in such a way that she sits high on the chest, that is elasticated and also has a satin lace that runs through the chest area, that is pulled and ties into a bow, which gives her it's prissy sissy shape,and look, so no matter what size or shape you are she will look perfect!

The skirt is a full circle and because of the way she is cut and its very own specialised petticoat it stands out amazingly, which gives the skirt its fullness, so its important that you get your chest measurement accurate for the best possible fit, and for the skirt to stand out full and swishy. The satin part of the skirt is hemmed in contrasting lace to the collar, and the overlay of glass silk just stops short of the satin skirt so it shows the lace trim beautifully..

All our prissy sissy dresses have petticoats made especially for them, elasticated at the chest and with shoulder straps that are adjustable and keeps the petticoat in place, and is so comfortable to wear, you will be twirling and swishing every time you wear her.

Pure sissy heaven!

Prissy Sissy Emanuelle Dress

Prissy Sissy Emanuelle Dress

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